NDC Council of Elders Statement on National Executive Elections

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At its meeting on Wednesday 26th October 2022, the Council of Elders of the NDC discussed among others the issue of a national chairmanship contest between the party’s current National chairman and General secretary which has engaged the attention of the rank and file, supporters and well-wishers of our party.

The Council of Elders respects people’s individual freedoms and aspirations to contest any position in the party in accordance with the Party’s Constitution.

The statement signed by the Chair for Council of Elders, Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, noted that the Council however cautioned that the conduct of the campaign should not shift attention from the economic hardships facing Ghanaians and the overall dismal state of affairs under the ruling NPP Government.

The meeting therefore urged the two principal officers of the party, the national chairman and the General Secretary, to reflect soberly on the situation and be mindful of the overall national interest and the toils of our rank and file over the years to make the party strong, viable and ready to assume the reins of government in 2024.

In the interest of party cohesion, internal discipline and long-term stability, the Council urges all contestants to regional and national positions, especially the incumbent national chairman and General Secretary to be circumspect in their campaigns by adhering to ground rules discussed and agreed upon.

These include the use of decorous language, refrain from media attacks, breach of confidentiality and misrepresentations of decisions taken in relation to past actions of leadership.

It is important and expected of the top hierarchy and all concerned that they respect the Party Constitution and the rules and guidelines they themselves set in the conduct of internal elections.

They should be the first to uphold party discipline.

At the time when the party should be getting itself ready for election 2024 we need nothing other than internal cohesion and togetherness.

The country and rank and file of the party expect nothing else the statement concluded.

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