Smuggling Two Trucks of Ghana’s Cocoa Intercepted in the Volta region (Video)

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Two drivers and a conductor have been arrested for allegedly smuggling more than 200 bags of cocoa beans.

The two trucks’ loads of products were intercepted by the police at fume in the Afadzato south district of the volta region.

The drivers and the conductor were detained and the vehicles impounded

The three were later granted police enquiry bail while the cocobod office in hohoe took custody of the consignment.

The two a truck with license plate GS 3107-13 and GR 5999-K, were hauling a total of 229 bags of partially dried cocoa beans in 64 kg bags.

The consignment was suspected to have been transported from the eastern region, but changed vehicles along the way in a bid to outwit the police.

The smugglers are said to make 50 cedis more per bag of cocoa beans when sold in Togo.

They reportedly travel around cocoa production communities to buy the beans at 1,000 cedis as against the government producer price 800 cedis for each 64kg bag from the farmers.

Director of special services at the Ghana cocoabod, Charles Amenyaglo, has been giving further details about the situation.

Per the law, cocoa smuggling could attract a minimum five years custodial sentence and the confiscation of the vehicles.

Cocoa smuggling has reportedly surged at an alarming rate with ready market in togo and cote d ivoire.

Figures available to the Hohoe office of the cocoabod tells it all.

Purchases at the Hohoe office dropped from 8,000 bags in October 2021 to 542 this year.

The November purchases for the same period also dropped from 18,000 bags to 7,290 while the December purchase dropped from 20,000 bags to 1,639 bags as at Tuesday December 27.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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