Valatine’s Day- What it means to us

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It is not just a normal day but one that has a lot of actives incorporated. The trade of services, gift purchasing, hanging out with friends and families and mostly especially, an atmosphere painted red. A good time for couples or lovers to wallow in their undying love.

Valentine’s day is a day designated and celebrated on February 14th across all over the world. Although many may not be conversant with the motive for choosing this particular day, it is widely celebrated by people with the opportunity to show their love and appreciation for the loved ones in their lives.

Celebration of this day varies from countries to countries. For most Americans, sending of cards or letters, giving gifts such as chocolate or flowers and having meals at the restaurants marks it for them.

In Switzerland, Valentine’s day is a time for offering red roses, sweets and holiday cards. Less attention is given to romance, love and gospel. It is also a time for medieval writers to express their love on this day.

In Africa, particularly Ghana, Valentine’s Day is a cash cow for service providers such as gift wrappers, hospitality managements, dispatch riders, restaurants, uber drivers and the likes. The day receives lots of merry making and sublime atmosphere. Lovers dash into their favorite and fanciful restaurant to enjoy themselves. In the nights, beaches get full to its capacity as lovers enjoy live-band music and dance away their joy and to also intimate their vows to their partners. What a sight to behold!

Valentine’s day celebration sweeps over the streets of Accra. It is obviously a time for traders to cash in. But this year, the concerns of these traders remain one thing, the economic downturn is a huge negative impact on their business.

For some of them, they have had to spice up their original wares to make profitable sales this season, yet patronage is still low.

Mary, a trader at Circle tiptoe lane laments how she has had to forfeit going home for three days with the hopes of getting some cash yet she has little to nothing to boast of. In the meantime, they can only be hopeful to get more customers in order not to run at a loss.

Although this event has come to stay, the purpose for this celebration cannot be overlooked.

Roman Emperor, Claudius II executed two men who both bore the name Valentine on February 14 of different years in the third century. This was on the back of defying Claudius’s law on marriages and engagements being banned in Rome. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day.

While the original reason for celebrating a day like this may be unsatisfying, the underlying factor here is that love is the basis for wanting to put a smile not just on the faces on our partners but also friends, families and everyone who matters to us. And for this reason, lovers, families and even single people will always look forward to this beautiful and eventful day each and every year while expressing to their loved ones the biggest love they can share.

By Leonora Enyonam Annoh

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