George Ashie in Real ‘do & die’ Fight against a Durable Alexi Rocha

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The moment Mohammed Amin Lamptey is waiting for in George “The Red Tiger” is gradually getting to the crescendo far away at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood,California,USA when the talented and gifted Ghanaian pugilist slug it out against another credible and durable pugilist.Saayoooooooo!!!

George “The Red Tiger” Ashie(33-5-1-25kos) was given this rare opportunity as an eleventh hour replacement for the original opponent from Atlantic City,Anthony Young who was substituted for nose injury to fight against Alexis”Lex”Rocha(21-1-13kos) today Saturday January 28th,2023 in California,USA.

George Ashie is going to make almost about his third appearance in the United States boxing ring to contest for an important career rebranding and diadem fight to reposition him among the current world beaters in Ghana,Africa and the globe world.

I have been monitoring George Ashie in the ring and outside the ring since time in memorial as a young professional boxer oozing with so much expectation to become a world champion in no time but his destiny waited perhaps for today.

From the onset as a talented young boxer,some boxing pundits referred to him as the reincarnation of former world champion Ike Quartey because of his style,punching power,ring generalship,footwork and composure in the ring .

The moment I mohammed Amin Lamptey Hussein is waiting for in George Ashie is here.I wish him the very best of luck in this critical fight of his career since he mounted the professional boxing bandwagon in the late 90s.

George,I trusted in your ability and capability since time in memorial and still believe and trust you to move the mountain before you this evening in the United States against Rocha.

Rocha is beatable just like all the credible boxers you stopped and defeated through the distance and knockouts.Concentrate on your game plan,ignore the partisan crowd,sustain the confidence you have exhibited in your career since and remember that any result that comes your way in this fight will keep you afloat for more and better opportunities.

Just give off your best to entice and attract the attention of international boxing sanctioning bodies.

Let me respectfully urge Ghanaians especially members of the boxing fraternity to remember George Ashie in the prayers to help him triumph against Rocha.

Ashie!!! Remember the phrase and cliche in our Ga language from our wonderful boxing coaches when the going gets tough and you are at the receiving end in a crucial fight… “yaaa niiagbebo…Yaaa niiagbebo” meaning “go and be killed…go and be killed”.

By Mohammed Amin Lamptey

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