Boxers Need Managers to Push them to their Goals–Coach Carl Lokko

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Head Trainer / Coach of the Bronx Boxing Gym has defended the need for boxers to have managers to cushion them as they train to become champions or realise their boxing dreams.

Speaking to Yours Truly in an exclusive interview after Kurrency Boxing Management had signed three boxers from his gym, he expressed that boxers really need managers to support them administratively, financially, morally and spiritually while he takes care of the technical aspect.

He noted that a boxer can not survive without a manager because the job is difficult and not only one or two people can make a champion.

He stressed that boxers need a manager, publicist, medical doctor, nutritionist, legal advisor and a support base to cheer him or her up.

“Boxing is very hard, so we need someone to cushion us, if you have a manager and you do not perform then it is up to you” he added.

Coach Lokko said boxing is not an easy task, so when they win, they must enjoy the glory, fortune and fame, but it takes a lot of sacrifice on the road every morning and in the gym hitting and punching the bags, pads and even the air in shadow boxing.

He thanked all the personalities who have taken Bronx boxers like Daniel Gorsh, Emmanuel Quartey, Isaac Nunoo, John Laryea and recently, the trio by Kurrency; Super Featherweight Daniel Quaye aka High Tension, Lightweight Stephen Cofie and Super Featherweight Issifu Illiasu Sulley, described as the most hardworking boxer who comes to training early and last to leave.

He rated new African WBO champion, John Laryea as a serious boxer who can become a world champion if he maintains or increases his determination and seriousness.

“At Bronx, we teach the boxers many things, not only the craft in the ring but how to live outside the ring, how to talk to the media and how to behave in town and at home” he expressed.

Coach Lokko who has seen it all from the grassroots to the world level is very optimistic that his boxers will become bigger champions soon.

Currently, he has champions like Daniel Gorsh the National Super Bantamweight Champion, Jacob Dickson the National Cruiserweight Champion, Sheriff Quaye the WBO Africa Lightweight Champion, Felix Ajom, National and Pan African Super Featherweight Champion and Jacob Tetteh Laryea, the new West African Super Welterweight Champion.

“Beyond the sky is our target and so we keep on training and fighting till we reach the moon, so we are training, training is sacrificing, as no one can make it for you, unless you yourself” he said.

By Sammy Heywood Okine

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