Benefits of Cold Showers Versus Hot Shower

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It is always hard to appreciate benefits of some routine activities for our health and our lives in general. One of such is bathing. On a normal morning we wake up and head to the bathroom to bath before we head out to work or school. The activity is repeated later in the day after we have been out in a hectic day with a tired mind and sore muscles. It is a ritual. Bathing is to immerse (all or part of the body) in water or some other liquid, for cleansingrefreshment, etc.

The feeling afterwards is one of soothe, and relief and also to prevent the build up of germs and bacteria in the sheets when you sleep. However, the temperature of the water whether hot shower or cold shower, can have immense benefit or detriment to your health and general well- being.

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Cold Water Benefits

  • Cold showers may help boost weight loss

Brown fat, for example, can generate heat by burning fat. They do this when your body is exposed to cold conditions, such as when you take a shower.

According to Gerrit Keferstein, MD, these cells are mostly found around the neck and shoulders. 

  • Cold showers give your skin and hair a healthy glow

Our pores open when we take a hot shower, but cold showers can temporarily tighten them and help you retain the natural oils in your skin and hair. Those who suffer from dry skin or have dry, brittle hair should consider rinsing with cold water on a regular basis.

  • Cold showers increase your circulation

As cold water strikes your body and external limbs, it constricts the blood flow to your skin. This allows the blood in your deeper tissues to circulate at a higher rate so that your ideal body temperature can be maintained.

In this regard, a cold shower has the opposite impact of a hot shower for those with hypertension or cardiovascular disease, as exposure to cold temperatures prompts the circulatory system to reduce inflammation and can prevent cardiovascular disease.

  • Cold showers help reduce muscle soreness after intense workouts

Cold water has regenerative properties that helps the muscles will relax and repair after a tough workout.

  • Improve mental health and boost immunity 

The production of noradrenaline and beta-endorphins is stimulated by cold water. When we take a cold shower, nerve endings send electrical impulses to the brain, and this chemical reaction may have an antidepressant impact on some individuals. A cold shower may prevent you from developing a cold by boosting your immune system and increasing your resistance to disease.

Hot Shower Benefits

  • Burn some calories

When you are soaking in a hot bath, you are losing a few calories while enjoying all the great and calming effects of a warm tub. However, hot baths and showers should never be substituted for exercise, and you should restrict your shower time when using hot water, as it can raise your risk of burns or heat stroke.

  • Warm showers aid in muscle relaxation.

Being immersed in hot water effectively relieves muscular tension and can relieve muscle tiredness.

  • Maintain clear and healthy skin

A hot bath or shower will help open your pores and remove toxins from your skin that have become trapped over the day. Warm water can result in skin that is more supple and moisturized.

  • Get better sleep

After a long day, your muscles may feel strained, and a warm bath or hot shower can help you relax by calming your body as well as your mind. This conditions you for a good sleep.

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Credit: Healthline, WebMD

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