Bawku Traditional Authority Rejects Military Explanations Demands Presidential Commission to Investigate Claims (Video)

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The 25 divisional chiefs of the six administrative districts of the Bawku traditional area have challenged the military denial of being involved in the killing of civilians within the Bawku municipality.

The Bawku traditional authority has therefore demanded a presidential commission to investigate the claims for appropriate action.

There has been repeated complaints against the military peacekeepers in the Bawku municipality over their alleged killing of civilians.

The military high command on Thursday February 2 once again denied killing some eight people at Zoongu near Sabongari, but admitted neutralizing six people in the same community.

The 25 divisional chiefs within the Bawku traditional area disagreed with the military and demanded better explanations for their lawlessness.

They appealed to the president to institute a commission to investigate their claims against the military to help bring back trust and restore peace in the area.

The paramount queen of the Kusaug traditional area, Poanab Alaasbuudi Veronica Abugrago I, wondered why the military would chose to be killing the very people they have been deployed to protect including women and children.

Some youth leaders have been explaining their frustrations over the conduct of the military in the area, insisting that an immediate non-partisan investigation is required to reduce tension.

Bawku has been in turmoil since November 24 2021 leading the loss of dozens of lives and the destruction of property.

Business activities, courts and even the municipal assembly have all been impacted by the conflict

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