YEA ready to employ 20,000 artisans

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……Portal Opened

The Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has opened its portal to enroll Ghanaian youth under its Artisanal Trades and Vocation Module to create a minimum of Twenty thousand (20,000) sustainable jobs over two (2) years.

Youth unemployment, has been the bane of governments in Ghana for several years, with the menace described as a national security threat. 

It is in light of this that, the YEA saw it fit to create sustainable employment for the growing unemployed, hence the Youth in Trades and Vocation model, Brick moulding and laying with BRRI, Business Support Programme, and Youth in Agric amongst others.

This model would be run in collaboration with a multi-industry Private sector player that is duly registered and licensed in Ghana, under a public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement; all in the interest of complementing existing youth employment initiatives by the YEA and government.

The project, this paper has gathered, aims at building the capacity of unemployed and underemployed youth across the country in ten (10) relevant trades and vocations. 

The model will comprehensively train and provide startup tools to a minimum of Twenty Thousand (20,000) youth in Ten (10) relevant trades and vocations by the end of 2024, and provide quality startup tools and equipment to each of the twenty thousand (20,000) young men and women after the mandatory six (6) months technical training. 

The beneficiaries will also be trained in entrepreneurship and business management as part of preparations towards self-employment and be assisted in delivering quality and world-class products and services to the public.

Under the model, a huge number of beneficiary slots will be allocated to young women to uplift the affirmative action principle to another level, whilst they are supported to identify entrepreneurial/business opportunities in their respective areas of specialization within their districts and municipalities.

The trainees, will also be assisted in accessing local and international markets for their quality products and services; this will help expose Ghana’s rich technical acumen to the world, promote tourism, and bring in foreign exchange.

According to YEA, the model is hinged on comprehensive technical training, entrepreneurship and business management, and the provision of start-up tools and equipment as avenues of self-employment for the youth. 

“We are interested in developing local small-scale businesses to promote commerce and job opportunities. The need to scale up informal apprenticeships under TVET as both short and long-term measures to tackle youth unemployment. Provide start-up tools and equipment to all 20,000 trainees. Informal apprenticeship provides the required practical skills for sustainable employment and entrepreneurship.”

YEA indicated that it will set up an online database/pool of qualified African Industrial African Solution artisans to push the model forward and make it successful.

The portal for registration, has been opened, and interested applicants can apply on OR

Applicants can also visit their official social media platforms

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