Weija Dam Spillage Displaces Residents in Weija and its Environs

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Some areas in the Ga South Municipality are partially submerged under water due to the spillage of the Weija Dam by the Ghana Water Company.

The situation has led to the displacement of scores of indigents in the Ashalaja, Weija, Oblogo and Tetegu areas.

Residents have to wade through the waters which are knee length and some have their livelihood disrupted as a result. Some homes have nearly been submerged and the people have to use canoes to aid mobility in the area.

According to the Ghana Water Company Limited the maximum operating level of the Weija dam is 48feet. Spillage normally begins when the level gets to 46.5ft. As a result, four (4) spill gates were opened to safeguard the integrity of the dam, save the dam from collapse, and save lives and properties however, the Weija dam is currently at a level of 49.5ft as against the maximum operating level of 48ft.

The Ghana Water Company Limited blames the spillage on recent heavy rains which are wreaking havoc on water treatment plants across the country.

Regardless of the situation, the management of the GWCL says it is in control and has put in measures to control the situation to minimise the impact on consumers.

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