We Paid them 17,050 Cedis-Company Behind ‘Remember Me’ NPP Billboard Breaks Silence

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Riverblade Intuition, the company behind the cutting-edge “Remember Me” Political Advertisement of the New Patriotic Party has finally spoken revealing the amount given to the actors among other details that was unknown until now.

The company was reacting to news of exploitation of images of actors without their consent or under duress after allegedly paying them a paltry 300 cedis after deceiving them they were going to feature in a magazine and documentary.

Indeed, one of the actors, Nicholas Teye, a former Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) trainee whose portrait appeared in campaign billboards of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) ahead of the 2020 General Elections, revealed his life has been endangered as a result of threats from persons dissatisfied with the governance of the Akufo-Addo-led administration

Speaking in an interview with TV3, Teye, 35, said that he is unable to move about freely town without disguising himself for fear of being attacked by disgruntled Ghanaians who accuse him of being part of the conspiracy of the NPP that has caused their current economic difficulties.

He added that he receives calls from unknown persons threatening to cause harm to him if they meet him for being a part of the reason why their suffering in the country.

Did Nicholas Teye lie?

Reacting to the viral story, Roman Boakye Gyinae. Creative Chief and Director of Strategy at Riverblade Intuition said Nicholas Teye was being economical with the truth.

According to him, Nicholas was one of 31 people contacted for the photoshoots and were told in clear terms what it was to be used for, contrary to his claim that he was not informed.

“First of all, a simulated design of the billboard adverts was shown to him repeatedly during the photoshoot to get his expression and acting. Also, the intended purpose for his photos was expressly stated in the release form he signed before the shoot began” the Riverblade representative reacted.

Mr. Boakye Gyinae said Nicholas may be “deliberately lying or he has genuinely forgotten the details over time” revealing that he was not paid 300 cedis.

According to Mr. Boakye Gyinae, Nicholas and the 31 others most of whom were not lucky to have their pictures selected received 500 cedis each as well as transportation of 50 cedis each.

This brought to a total of 17,050 cedis for the actors. Out of the 31, Teye and 5 others made the final six that was selected for the ad, which according to the creators, had more than 85million impaction on the web and influenced voter decision using emotive theme.

Thank you for making me famous

Again, contrary to the impression Nicholas Teye created in his TV3 interview, Gyinae of Riverblade Intuition revealed Nicholas Teye had reached back them to appreciate the “fame” they have given him.

Nicholas Teye allegedly told the Advertisement team that it was through their work that he now landed a permanent teaching job and was grateful to them.

“This gentleman man called to thank us the team for the leverage the campaign gave him to earn a permanent teaching job.” Riverblade Intuition rep said.

The Remember Me campaign hit viral levels in the 2020 election and in the face of difficulties under Akufo-Addo, many Ghanaians have turned their anger on the young actors who featured in the campaign to influence voters.


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