Wa Serial Paedophile: Nine Victims Testify on Day 1 of Hearing

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Nine victims in the Wa serial defilement case gave testimony before the judge on the first day of the hearing.

The regional circuit court’s in-camera sessions stretched for over two hours, with the accused unable to directly address the victims.

The 35-year-old local wedding decorator and master of ceremonies, Ahmed Rashid, aka, Anaata, is charged with 18 counts of defilement, attempted defilement, and indecent assault.

On Tuesday, august 15, he was to meet several of the victims for the first time because the hearing started behind closed doors.

Nine of the survivors appeared to testify against him during the more than two hours of closed-door court hearings.

The accused became sober upon seeing the victims and dropped his head, unwilling to face them directly.

As the case progressed, the judge had to repeatedly tell him to maintain his posture.

More victims are scheduled to testify on Wednesday, august 16, which increases the likelihood that the hearing will be over in a record month, according to the prosecution lead by the chief state attorney, Saeed Shakur.

Contrary to the chaotic scene on Monday, the court premises were almost completely empty because of the extensive use of security personnel to uphold law and order.

By. Peter Quao Adattor

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