UBO Statement: Idowu Rasheed UBO Africa Light Heavyweight Champion!

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Rasheed seemingly won the fight by second-round knockout, flooring Samir twice with left hooks, the second ending the fight.

It was soon announced that the Ghana Boxing Authority officials at ringside had declared the fight a technical draw, due to an illegal blow from Rasheed.

After watching several videos of the fight, the UBO did not see any illegal blows from Rasheed.

No championship-sanctioning organization, including the UBO, has the power to overturn an official result, as this is something only the local boxing commission, in this case the Ghana Boxing Authority, can do.

But because the title remained vacant, the UBO is in a position, and has the power and obligation to decide on its ownership:

Since we can’t see that Rasheed Idowu did anything wrong, it is clear he was a victim of a blatant injustice after putting on an amazing performance, we feel it is only right that he is recognized as the UBO Africa Light Heavyweight champion.

We have since been informed in writing by the Ghana Boxing Authority that they intend to overturn the announced result and declare Rasheed the official winner by second-round knockout.

It is human to make mistakes, and we are glad that the Ghana Boxing Authority has reportedly made the right decision regarding the official result and will report this to all record-keepers and other relevant parties.

OFFICIAL UBO RULING: Idowu Rasheed is recognized as the Universal Boxing Organization™ (UBO) Africa Light Heavyweight champion!

Source: Boxing Ghana

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