Video:Twinstars Boxing Promotions: Warrior’s showdown stirs Controversy as Samuel Martey Quaye declines re-match

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In a dramatic turn of events, undefeated super bantamweight, Samuel Martey Quaye, has stirred controversy by running away from a rematch with Vandorf Okrah after securing a controversial ninth-round technical knockout on Saturday night.

The highly anticipated match on March 30, was one of the main events of the maiden Twinstars Boxing Promotions held for the first time at Weija-SCC in Accra at the SSNIT forecourt.

Both boxers entered the ring with high stakes, eager to defend their fight records in the event nicknamed, Warrior’s showdown.

Samuel Martey Quaye, boasting four wins out of five fights without a loss, faced off against Vandorf Okrah, seeking to improve his 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 draw from three professional fights.

Vandorf Okrah displayed remarkable determination from the start, aggressively pursuing his opponent with effective jabs and punches, capturing the admiration of the fans.

However, as the contest progressed, Samuel Martey Quaye warmed up to the occasion, leading to a fierce exchange of blows between the two contenders.

Both boxers now exhibited signs of wear and tear, as the battle intensified and tension reached its peak.

After a gruelling round eight, a disagreement ensued between Vandorf Okrah and his corner leading to him refusing to accept the gum-shield as the bell went for round nine.

Okrah reluctantly jumped to the neutral corner complaining to his fan base with his back to the action.

The referee signalled for the continuation of hostilities.

Samuel Martey Quaye seized the opportunity to land a decisive flurry of jabs, ultimately knocking Vandorf Okrah to the canvas prompting the referee to stop the contest.

Vandorf Okrah protested the final decision, calling for a rematch and stated contractual agreement procedures had been breached.

‘I thanked everyone here today because they’ve done a great job for coming to support good boxing. In boxing, there is a contract. A contract was given to me with a weight of 55kg. I did 54kg and my opponent did 56kg. They said it was not a title fight, but an ordinary contest so we fought on 54 and 56. And in the contract, it was eight rounds not ten rounds. So why is it that now you want us to fight ten rounds? It is not fair. Let us do the right thing. I won’t accept this as a win for him if he were declared a winner in eight rounds, I will accept it but travelling to an additional two rounds is not fair. How can I sign a contract for eight rounds and fight ten rounds? I won’t accept this. if he will take a re-match I am ready to fight him again’. Vandorf Okrah fumed.

But his opponent, Samuel Martey Quaye, declined the challenge, leaving lingering questions about the validity of the victory.

‘Not, there is much competition in the super bantamweight division but I am moving forward. In boxing, we are not fighting boxing to come back. I am moving forward, am going to the top to be the number one.’ Samuel Martey Quaye remarked.

This controversial conclusion has left fans and pundits alike debating the integrity of the match and its aftermath.

The fallout from this fight is sure to reverberate throughout the boxing community, with calls for transparency and fairness in future matches.

We will continue to bring you the latest updates and reactions from key stakeholders in the boxing world.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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