Trotro Driver Narrates How Police Inspector Left the Riffle in his Vehicle (Video)

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According to the driver, he was crossed by a police vehicle after picking a passenger along the road.

He alleged that the police officers onboard the vehicle accosted him and demanded 500 cedis for disobeying traffic regulations.

The driver further claimed the police ignored his plea and commanded him to drive to the station but on the way they insisted that he give them 150 cedis, which he again declined.

The commercial driver said the police inspector further brought their demand for bribe down to 100 cedis.

He said at this point and considering the obscure place they took him, he obliged and gave them the 100 cedis.

The driver said the situation frustrated him such that he decided to cut short his working period and drove home.

He said he was surprised to find a riffle on his front seat the next morning when he was about to start work.

The driver said he contemplated sending the riffle to the police station but was not sure whether the police will believe his story hence he decided to report the incident to a journalist.

When asked by the journalist whether he can identify the police officers, the driver responded in the affirmative, adding that the one who led the bribery or extortion is dark in complexion.

By Peter Qauo Adattor

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