Tolon MP faces stiffer opposition as Chief Akilu Sayibu joins NPP parliamentary race

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Chief Akilu Sayibu
Chief Akilu Sayibu

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Tolon in the Northern Region, Habib Iddrisu is likely to face an uphill task in his quest to lead the people of the constituency for a second term in the 2024 general elections.

His chances of retaining power seem very slimmer, as a former Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) and famous news publisher, Chief Akilu Sayibu declared his intention to face off with the Deputy Majority Chief Whip in the upcoming NPP parliamentary primaries in the Tolon Constituency.

According to Mr. Hassan lddrisu, Press Aide to Chief Akilu Sayibu, the decision by his boss to join the contest was influenced by the huge endorsement he received from key party activists, his family, friends, students and the residents of Tolon.

He revealed that the majority of the people believe strongly in the ability and capabilities of Chief Akilu in ensuring the accelerated socio-economic development of the constituency.

Mr. Iddrisu said that, most of the constituents believe it is now time for them to repay Chief Akilu’s loyalty to the community and its development by supporting his political ambitions.

Chief Akilu Sayibu in one of his recent engagements with his kinsmen in the Tolon Constituency, Mr. Iddrisu said, received heaps of commendations for the roles he had played in the lives of many young people to realize their potentials.

He noted that, many of his former students, who currently hold positions in academia and the corporate world, have personally pledged their support to ensure he becomes the next parliamentary candidate and subsequently the MP for the Tolon Constituency.

“Chief Akilu Sayibu’s influence is not limited to academia and the corporate world. Some of his former students have become highly successful private sector players and are passionately enthusiastic about supporting his campaign. Their excitement and belief in the Tolon project further validate Chief Akilu Sayibu’s ability to inspire and lead”, Mr. Iddrisu added.

Mr. Iddrisu said that, Chief Akilu Sayibu has confidence in his ability to build a strong network to drive the Tolon project forward.

He emphasized on his unwavering availability and willingness to help others, which has endeared him to the people of the community.

“The residents of Tolon eagerly await his campaign, as they believe he holds the brighter chances of uplifting the constituency from its long-standing lack of development and other opportunities”.

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