Tempane MP’s Landcruiser lands in ditch after driver swerved pothole on Accra-Ho road

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A Toyota Landcruiser belonging to a National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament ended up in a ditch when the driver swerved a pothole.

The vehicle purportedly belonging to the Tempane MP, Lydia Lamisi Akanvariba, is captured on a spreading video, with the two tyres on the driver’s side in a ditch along a busy road.

According to a Citi News video caption, the driver’s attempt to swerve potholes on the Accra-Ho road landed the vehicle in the gutter.

While the report did not state the date of the incident or whether the MP was in the car at the time, it added that “no casualties were reported.”

Several passersby were spotted animatedly speaking and gesturing at the car in what appears to be a critique of how people in authority are not immune to the daily hustle that ordinary citizens face.

A vehicle believed to be for the Tempane MP, Lydia Lamisi Akanvariba, swerves off the pothole-ridden Accra-Ho Road into a gutter; fortunately, no casualties reported.

Source: Ghanaweb

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