Tanyigbe Yam Festival

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A huge durbar was held at Tanyingbe, to cap off the yearly Yam Festival celebrations for the chiefs and people of the Tanyigbe Traditional Area in the Ho Municipality.

The festival was on the theme “Empowering the Youth for Tanyingbe’s Transformation,” and it took place in conjunction with the 5th anniversary commemoration of the enstoolment of the Paramount chief, Togbe Kodi Adiko.

The celebration, which had a youth-centered focus, is a testament to their dedication to fostering opportunities for the youth.

The Yam Festival celebration is a significant event that the people of Tanyingbe started, and its importance cannot be understated because it is a lasting cultural legacy that their ancestors left for them.

Chairman of the local organizing committee, Simons Teddy Prempeh, explains why this year’s celebration focused on the youth.

He noted that the Festival also offers Tanyingbe residents the chance to socialize, enjoy themselves, start social networks and create a platform from which they may raise money for neighbourhood development initiatives.

The Paramount Chief, Togbe Kodi Adiko, in his address to the durbar, stated his goals for the youth’s growth, including the creation of an ICT and skills development center.

The Municipal Chief Executive of Ho, Divine Bosson, promised that the assembly would be ready to promote the development of the paramount chief’s traditional territory while also admonishing the young people against acts of indiscipline and indulgence in vices of the social order.

The Executive Chairman of Kleeve and Tove Group, Senyo Hosi, urged the youth to take advantage of the availability of vast land and enter agriculture in order to become their own employer, pointing out that academic degrees are no longer a surefire way to land white-collar jobs.

In June 2017, Togbe Kodi Adiko, was installed to succeeded his father Togbe Kwesi Adiko.

Togbe, a pharmacist by profesion, and part-time businessman, went by Roland Kofi Adiko in private.

By robert Abilba

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