Student Rioting: Bolgatanga, Bawku Technical Institutes Closed (Video)

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The Bawku and Bolgatanga technical institutes in the upper east region have been closed down following a student rampage and riot.

The rampaging students complained about a number of issues including inadequate food supplies, poor lighting and ventilation in the classrooms, and strict invigilation during their final exams.

In the school dining hall, the rioting student destroyed food and caused property damage.

But the stringent invigilation of the Core Mathematics exam on Monday was what the student claimed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The Bawku technical institute principal and staff were the targets of the rioting students, accusing them of being the obstacles to their achievement in the National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX).

The students broke the fence wall to the principal’s bungalow ostensibly to attack him but met his absence.

The rampaging students then destroyed a backyard maize farm belonging to the principal.

They went further to destroy windows and doors to some buildings on campus as well as vehicles

Prompt response from the police and military deployment averted more damage.

The officials were forced to temporarily close the school and urge all children to leave because of how difficult the situation was.

The riot at the Bolgatanga Technical Institute was reportedly prompted by the arrest of two students and a teacher for allegedly engaging in examination malpractice.

At the Bolgatanga technical institute rioting, students were given a few hours to vacate the school premises.

Police personnel had to fire warning shots and tear gas to control the rampaging students at the Bolgatanga technical institute.

The final year student who started the NABPTEX exam on Monday, August 1, with core mathematics would be permitted to return on Wednesday to complete the remaining portions of the test.

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