Remove white paper on Constitution Review Committee’s work -Ofori Atta

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The government has been urged to take all necessary steps urgently required to remove the executive white paper placed on the work of the Constitutional Review Committee, which was presented to her years ago.

The white paper is said to have impeded the work by the committee as it blocked the entire masterpiece and rendered it useless despite the huge sums of money the government committed to get it done.

In a statement, the Executive Director of Avontec Security Masters, Nana Kweku Ofori Atta, appealed to the government to consider the cry of the citizenry for an amendment to the 1992 constitution and pay heed.

According to Nana Ofori Atta, the role of the 1992 constitution in the sustenance of the current political dispensations and its stability, which has made Ghana the beacon of hope for the sub-region, could not be overemphasised.

He explained further that though the current constitution has over the years served as the pivot around, which all our political fortunes and tenets revolved, the need for amendment was long overdue.

He has, therefore, associated himself with citizens, civil society organisations, politicians and other voices of reasoning who have raised valid concerns about the Constitution in its current state.

“In the views of many, which I share, the continuous usage of the constitution for the past thirty years has exposed its weaknesses, flaws and other legitimate concerns,” he noted.

According to him,  it was based on these clarion calls that Former President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills commissioned a committee to review the 1992 constitution in 2012.

In a rather shocking turn of events, however, the government issued a white paper on the excellent work the committee did and indirectly terminated it despite the huge sums of money the state spent on the committee.

Reacting to this, he said; “I get worried as a citizen whenever I hear fellow concerned Ghanaians further call for constitutional amendments especially when the one government spent huge money to execute is only gathering dust.

In my sincerest view, I believe that we must rather gather our energies together and openly vent our spleens on the government to urgently remove the white paper that has been placed on the already done work”.

Nana Ofori Atta explained that until that was done, calls for constitutional review must not be entertained at this point when the country needed money badly to tackle rising unemployment among the youths.

He is, therefore, calling on CSOs, and all those who were worried by the unfortunate development to raise their critical voices and call on the government to either let Ghanaians know why it could not remove the white paper or remove it immediately.

Since 2012 when the committee completed its work,  successive governments have clandestinely maintained the white paper on the work.

All other calls on the executive to remove the white paper and consider the work by the committee, have fallen on deaf ears as it continues to gather dust on the shelves of the powers that be each day.

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