Police Arrest Ben Lord Ababio, a Notorious Kasoa Land guard for Killing Military Officer

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The Ghana Police Service has arrested one Ben Lord Ababio, in connection with shooting to death a military officer at Millenium City, near Kasoa, in the Central Region, over land litigation.

Preliminary Police investigation has established that the suspect, Benlord Ababio allegedly shot the soldier at Millenum City police station on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at about 4:20 pm.

Suspect Benlord Ababio is currently in custody assisting Police investigation.

The intelligence gathered revealed the incident was between three military officers named Lance Corporal Omar, Lance Corporal Ametus Mathew and Lance Corporal Danso Michael, and a Land Guard popularly known as Ben Lord, not a National Security personnel.

Lance Corporal Omar happens to be the owner of a half plot of land located between the Millennium Junction and Millennium Estate.

Omar sometime ago had a dispute over the land and reported to the Millennium police station to help resolve the issue.

The police then informed both parties to stay off the land until the issue had been resolved.

According to the intel gathered, Omar received a call this morning that a group of people were on the said land working.

Followed by his colleagues LCs. Ametus Mathew and Danso Michael, visited the land to confirm the news and saw that people were truly working on the land.

Omar and his colleagues were able to stop the people working on the land and decided to go to the Millennium City Police Station to report on the matter.

Ben Lord, who claimed to be the land guard arrived on a motorbike at the police station some minutes after Omar, his colleagues and those working on the land.

He questioned why the soldiers had stopped the people from working.

Lance Corporal Omar and his colleagues decided to leave the scene since they had already made their report but Ben Lord threatened to shoot if they made a move to drive off.

They went ahead and drove off the police premises leading to Ben Lord unleashed gunshots on the car which eventually caught Lance Corporal Danso Michael in the head.

The police apprehended the Land Guard and the victim was rushed to the Mother and Child Hospital at CP, Kasoa where he was pronounced dead.

The body is been transported to the 37 military hospital and Ben Lord has also been taken to the Police headquarters, Accra.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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