NDC must not just react to Bryan Acheampong’s speech, they must act – Security Expert

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An attempt to react to Bryan’s statement without any actions will enable the NPPs to predict how the NDC is prepared towards the 2024 election.

Listening and analysing Bryan Acheampong’s stage speech as an expert in Security gives me a clear picture of how the NPP intend to approach the 2024 election in the context of Security. It is not a surprise to me to see Bryan Acheampong leading this crusade. As a former minister of state in charge of national security at the presidency with his background in Security intelligence and a lead marshal in the gruesome brutality that took place in the Ayawaso West Wuogon by–election in 2019, a clear publicly known evidence.

Bryan Acheampong’s speech indicates clearly that, NPP is going into the 2024 election with the adoption of what we call OFFENSIVE SECURITY STRATEGY as its major Security strategy and DEFENSIVE SECURITY STRATEGY as it minor Security strategy. Having these strategies in mind is what confidently and vehemently triggered Bryan to voice out how the NPP has a plan not to hand over power to the NDC.

The NPPs believe that it is possible to break the eight(8) since they have succeeded in recruiting their party royalists with no certificates into all the Security institutions; the likes of NIB, SWAT, National security, Military, Police and many others. These guys within themselves believe their livelihood largely depends on how long their party stay in power and for that matter are ready to die for the party. Most of these guys were members of the Invisible and Delta Forces used in their 2016 COMPETITIVE SECURITY STRATEGY adopted by the NPP. Knowing well their royalists are on the ground, believe there can be no betrayal in its intelligence forward operations towards the 2024 election unlike the failure and the betrayal of the Security architecture or apparatus of the NDC in the 2016 election.

The rank and file of the NDC must not just verbally REACT to Bryan’s statement but must ACT strategically. An attempt to react to Bryan’s statement without any actions will enable the NPPs to predict how the NDC is prepared towards the 2024 election.

Political Security statements like Bryan’s statement are more of a defensive mechanism than anything since it hype up him, it can also cause the opponents, in this case, the executives of the NDC to become angry or irrational and say certain things that will not contribute positively to the party ahead of the 2024 election.

Even though Bryan’s statement could be considered psychological warfare, NDC Stalwarts must not rubbish it or take it for granted but rather should be calm, focused and strike at the appropriate time. This is because in Security, there is a strategic principle that states “A tactical framework that has been implemented successfully, can be implemented again to achieve a target”. This means the strategy implemented in Ayawaso as a case study can be implemented again in a broader context.

NOTE: The questions the rank and file of the NDC must urgently ask themselves are as follows;

1. What Security strategies are the party adopting to counter and overpower the NPP’s strategies going into the 2024 election to achieve a winning result?

2. How prepared is the party to employ experts in Security and its financial strength mobilization towards the successful implementation of those strategies?

3. Are the party’s loyalists ready to sacrifice their lives and what do they intend to benefit in return?

4. Does the party have its Security policy document with its Security architecture to operate

Source: Ghana News online.com.gh

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