Military Runs Over Zebilla, Kills One

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One person died and several others were injured when a military truck run over a number of motorbikes, through shops and containers at Zebilla barrier in the Bawku West district of the upper east region.

The Saturday afternoon incident also destroyed properties running into thousands of cedis.

Eyewitnesses say the military truck was on top speed from Bolga towards Bawku when it hit a pothole, resulting in the driver losing control of the vehicle.

The vehicle then veered off the road onto the pavement running over a number of motorbikes, through shops and containers destroying them in the process.

One person who was reportedly hit directly by the vehicle died instantly while others were injured.

Some of the affected motorbikes were destroyed beyond repairs.

The Zebilla district police, Nadmo and the soldiers in town all responded to the distress calls to help.

The incident sparked controversy over the need to construction of speed ramps on that stretch of the Bolga- Pulmakom road.

More than 10 lives have reportedly been lost through road accidents in Zebilla township this year, a situation overly blamed on the absence of speed ramps.

The Zebilla district police command say they cannot immediately establish the cause of the accident.

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