Madina NDC suspends Sorogo, 21 others over anti-party activities

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The Madina Constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has suspended 22 members of the party, including a former Member of Parliament (MP) of the party for the area, Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, for allegedly engaging in anti-party conduct.

At a meeting on November 22, 2023, the Constituency Executive Committee reviewed the anti-party conducts of the 22 persons and decided to have them suspended and referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the Party for further action.

The 22 members include Yakubu Tallie, Issah Alhaji Issah, Evelyn Ahorsu, Yidana S. I. Awal, Issah Haruna and Issac Kwame Ngula Batun.

The rest are, Hawawu Abdul Rahman, Masawud Dawud, Darlington Ziorklui, Idirisu Issaka Gbeti, Abdul k Ninchi Ismail, Abdul Kadir Yusuf and Azumah Besore. 

 Others are, Zakaria Chamba, Rashid Osman, Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, also known as Survivor, Iddriss Abdullah, Zeina Abass, Alhaji Amadu Sorogho and Mohammed Ibrahim, also known as Baba Pantang.

Speaking in an interview with The Herald Newspaper, the Madina Constituency Secretary of the NDC, Razak Hussein, emphasized that their conduct was seen as anti-party, signalling a contradiction between adherence to the constitution and potentially disruptive behaviour, adding that such actions could pose a challenge to the overall unity and smooth functioning of the NDC.

Razak stated that a former Constituency Zongo Caucus coordinator, branch executives, former aspirants in the constituency election, and branch members, who play various roles, the suspended persons have been actively involved in campaigning and facilitating activities of an independent Candidate who was disqualified by the party during the last Parliamentary primaries in contravention of the NDC Constitution.

He explained that the suspension of the members in question indicates that the party leadership has recognized their behaviour as problematic and seeks to address it accordingly, adding that the party expects its members to adhere to a certain code of conduct, and any perceived violation of the party’s principles could result in disciplinary measures such as suspension.

Mr Hussein stated that the suspension serves as a reminder of the NDC’s commitment to maintaining discipline and unity within the party, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the party’s constitution, while emphasizing the collective strength necessary for political success.

He noted that the action taken against the suspended members was under the party’s constitution, citing the individual’s engagement in anti-party conduct, stressing that the NDC upholds its constitution and will handle any misconduct or violation seriously, ensuring that proper measures are taken to address such issues adequately.

Mr Hussein, further pointed out that the party believes in dealing with internal matters diplomatically, aiming to strengthen the party as a whole and prioritize the collective entity over individual interests.

Furthermore, Mr Hussein called upon NDC supporters in the Madina Constituency to unite and work together harmoniously and urged them to consolidate their efforts to reclaim power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and achieve their shared political goals.

The Madina constituency secretary stated that the activities of, Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed (Baba Pantang) and Hon. Amadu Sorogho, a former MP of the Constitution who doubles as a Council of Elders Member at the region, have been also cited for anti-party conducts and referred to the regional and national executives being Senior Members of the party for appropriate action.

However, the former MP for the Madina Constituency, Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, onetime a Constituency Chairman, Zongo Caucus Coordinator and in a telephone interview with The Herald, denied being suspended from the NDC, claiming that he has not received any letter to that effect.

He insisted that he was not aware of what was happening, as he had not been informed of his suspension by either the regional or national executives of the party.

Alhaji Sorogho stated that he is still carrying out the duties assigned to him by the national executives of the NDC, which according to him, he only became aware of his purported suspension through news reports, debunking the alleged suspension letter.

He underlined that he had not been served any formal letter of suspension by the executives of the Madina constituency of the NDC, further stating that he was still effectively working for the party.

The former MP represented the Madina Constituency in Ghana’s Parliament between 2009 and 2016.

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