Kaadi Irrigation Dam in Disrepair, Cries for Help

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In the heart of Binduri district, the Kaadi Irrigation Dam, once a lifeline for farmers, is now on the brink of collapse.

Decades of neglect have taken their toll, leaving the valves and canals in disrepair, hindering water flow and jeopardizing vital irrigation efforts.

The community’s cry for help is getting louder.

Built in the 1960s to support agricultural endeavours, Kaadi Dam has been a critical resource for the region, sustaining dry-season farming for over 300 hectares of land annually.

However, years of neglect have left the dam’s infrastructure in a sorry state.

The valves and canals, essential for controlled water flow, are now riddled with leaks, rendering them ineffective.

More than half of the water goes to waste through the damaged canals when the valves are opened.

Farmers, once reliant on the dam’s efficiency, now struggle to irrigate their crops.

A distressed farmer, Juliana Abunkudugu, expressed her frustration.

“Not even a quarter of us can effectively have access to water to irrigate our crops at the same time. The water cannot flow through the canals due to leakages, and we want the government to fix our canal and add an additional canal to ease the pressure.”

The chairman of the garden farmers, Christopher Azure, highlighted the arduous task faced by the farmers.

“Our headache is the dam; the water doesn’t flow as it used to due to the broken canals and valves. We have to burn energy using our buckets before we can irrigate our farms.”

Call for Intervention:

Another farmer, Abugri Asumalis, called for urgent intervention, emphasizing the critical state of the dam.

“This dam was built in the 1960s and has been left to its fate. Look at it now, all valves, reservoirs, and canals are broken, making it difficult for us to have access to water. The water is always wasted through the broken canals.”

For his part, the District Director of Agriculture for Binduri, Razak Abugri, voiced his concern over the wastage of water and the impact on dry-season farming.

He appealed to individuals, philanthropists, and the government to come to the aid of the people.

Mp’s Intervention:

Responding to the plea, the Member of Parliament for Binduri, Abdulai Abanga, has initiated efforts to rehabilitate the dam.

Construction has commenced on repairing the canals and valves, offering hope to the struggling farmers.

Abdulai Abanga has again supported dry-season farmers along the White Volta with Two Power Tillers, 90 plumbing machines, and accessories.

The intervention by the MP brings a glimmer of hope to the distressed farmers, marking a positive turn in the tale of the Kaadi Irrigation Dam.

As the rehabilitation work progresses, there is optimism that Kaadi Dam will once again become a reliable source of water for irrigation, uplifting the livelihoods of the community.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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