Journalists should be allowed to express themselves – Edataen Ojo

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The board chairman for the Media Foundation for West Africa Edataen Ojo has called for a conducive atmosphere for freedom of expression for journalists in all West African States.

He was speaking at the West Africa Conference on media and participatory governance in Accra where he expressed concern about the limited opportunity available to journalists in the sub region to exercise their freedom of expression.

“We continue to grapple with promoting and defending freedom of expression in this rapidly evolving environment,” he observed.

“I think it’s also fair to say that the media freedom and freedom of expression landscape has also been complicated by the emergence of terrorism in this region

“Over the last several years, Nigeria, Mali and Niger have been blighted by terrorism and this has peeled into Nigeria’s neighbors to the East Chad and Cameroon.

“These incidents have implications for media freedom such as freedom of expression and good governance.

“We have also been confronted with the task of ensuring other types of freedoms like the broadcasting freedom for instance; particularly the challenge of transferring state owned broadcast entities into genuine service broadcasters”.

Source: Nana Afrane Asante |

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