Joseph Awinongya Jr.: The Toast of Kids and Youth in Chicago, USA

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The name, Joseph ‘JoJo’ Awinongya Jr., is now a special name and personality to many young people, and even the elderly and the honourable as well as the distinguished love the rising superstar in Chicago, the United States of America.

After winning the Chicago Golden Gloves, he has become the idol and inspiration to many kids and the youth.

They follow him, they want to see him and they want to hear from him. Most take pictures with him and love his autograph.

Incidentally, Jojo who has Ghanaian parents is also born to give motivational speeches. He is blessed with a sense of humour and the gift of strength in fields that he operates, mostly outside the ring. He is a giver and admirable.

At school, he is a genius as everyone loves him. In his community, he is the Super Hero.

The young boxer wrote his name in boxing history on April 13, 2024, by fortifying the championship title at the Chicago Golden Gloves 2024 tournament in the 165 lb. Junior Open division.

‘JoJo’ as he is now affectionately called delivered a masterful performance, earning a unanimous decision against his formidable adversary, Yandel Hernandez from Knuckleheads Boxing Gym.

The electrifying showdown unfolded at Cicero Stadium, where JoJo’s unwavering resolve and technical finesse captivated the audience. Some dignitaries who watched the bout were Father Michael Pfleger, former Secretary of State Jesse White, Wasfi Tolaymat, Michael Mikuska, Tyrone Muhammad with ECCSC, and Dr Cornel Darden Jr. Their presence added an extra layer of motivation and camaraderie to JoJo’s journey to victory.

Joseph Awinongya Jr. representing Sam Colonna Boxing Gym has dedicated countless hours to honing his craft under the guidance of seasoned trainers. His relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in this remarkable achievement.

“Joseph’s dedication and heart have been evident throughout his journey,” remarked Coach Sam Colonna. “His unwavering commitment to the sport has paid off, and we couldn’t be prouder.”

The Chicago Golden Gloves has a storied legacy, and JoJo’s name now graces the annals alongside other legendary champions. His victory serves as an inspiration to aspiring boxers, emphasizing the importance of hard work and perseverance.

The Chicago Golden Gloves was founded in 1923 and remains one of the most prestigious amateur boxing tournaments in the United States of America. It has launched the careers of numerous professional boxers and continues to thrive.

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