Joseph Awinongya Jr. Speaks out: on Donald Trump, Jake Paul, Mike Tyson

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Joseph Awinongya Jr., a 16-year-old boxing prodigy, recently received top 18 Under 18 award from Congressman Danny Davis and is making headlines with his remarkable achievements. From Junior Olympics National Championships to Silver Gloves and USA Boxing National titles, Awinongya has dominated the boxing scene. But his ambitions extend beyond the ring.

Joseph Awinongya Jr., known as “JoJo” in the boxing world, has achieved what most can only dream of. At just 13 years old, he earned his high school diploma, then his associate degree at Joliet Junior College at 16. He is currently at the University of Saint Francis on a full scholarship. He’s pursuing his next goal: representing the USA at the 2028 Olympics.

Awinongya’s journey isn’t limited to boxing. Inspired by his father, a former Don King boxer, Awinongya aims to earn his master’s degree from Harvard. His singular focus on academics and athletics has propelled him to unprecedented heights. He calls the ring his second home, but his ultimate ambition lies beyond the ropes.

About Donald Trump

During Joseph’s interview with Natasha Zouves of News Nation, Joseph Awinongya Jr. reflected on a deeply personal experience involving his father, who was shot while working as a bouncer in Bridgeview, Il. This traumatic event left a lasting impact on Jojo, prompting him to speak out against violence. He said “we have to stop the violence; we have to stop dying, as Trump said.”  To counteract the violence in his community, JoJo dedicates his time to helping young kids like himself stay on the right path, speaking to youth at schools and local park districts. He also uses social media channels to encourage kids to reach out with questions and ideas.  After all, he recognizes that his journey was paved by the support of others who guided him along the way.

About Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fighting on Netflix July 20

When Natasha asked Jojo about Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson, Jojo shared his insights, predicting a unique matchup. He analyzed the factors influencing the potential outcome, including Tyson’s age, as Tyson will turn 58 by July and his energy levels. He acknowledged a possibility of a 2 v 1 scenario with Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul both (wearing headgear), vs Mike Tyson (no headgear) and remains intrigued by the prospects of the bout. With all these factors, Jojo predicts Mike Tyson might win if he can keep his energy up.

Joseph Awinongya Jr.’s journey is one of resilience, ambition, and unwavering focus. As he balances academics, boxing, and dreams of Olympic gold, the world watches in anticipation. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to defy expectations.

About Joseph Awinongya Jr.             

Joseph Awinongya Jr. is a 16-year-old boxing sensation hailing from Joliet, Illinois. His achievements include four Junior Olympic National Championships, three Silver Gloves titles, and three USA National Championships. Beyond boxing, Awinongya is pursuing a college education and dreams of representing the USA at the 2028 Olympics.

About the University of Saint Francis

The University of Saint Francis, located in Joliet, Illinois, is a prestigious institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. Awinongya’s full scholarship at USF reflects his dedication to both education and athletics.

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