Italy Wins the Second Edition of the Rainbow Tennis Tournament in Accra (Video)

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Roberto Gariazzo and Massimiliano Panich of Italy have won the second edition of the Rainbow Nations Challenge tennis tournament in Accra.

The annual charity competition aims at raising funds for the education of Ghanaian girls in all sporting activities.

60 players from 20 countries took part in this year’s event held between February 21 and 23.

The tournament is hosted by the Ghana south Africans business chamber with the patronage of the south Africans high commission in Ghana.

Two teams from USA went to the semi finals along with Belgium and Italy.

The USA’s Craig kennedy and Paul Pleva defeated Belgium’s pair of Robert Quartey and Sebastian Duchateau in the first semi finals.

The Other semifinal saw USA’s Kyle Itulde and Jarrod Simek losing to the pair of Roberto Gariazzo and Massimiliano Panichi of Italy.

Roberto Gariazzo and Massimiliano Panichi went further to silence USA’s Craig Kennedy and Paul Pleva at the finals.

Roberto Gariazzo and Massimiliano Panichi of Italy defeated USA’s pair of Graig Kennedy and Paul Pleva to lift the giant trophy.

The rainbow nations tournament does not only bring the communities together but also raise funds for a collective corporate social responsibility program.

The rainbow nations tournament brings together the international community to promote networking and cooperation among nations from Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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