Ho West MP opposes lithium mining in Kalakpa Resource Reserve

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The Member of Parliament for the Ho West Constituency, Emmanuel Bedzra, has strongly opposed any form of mining in his constituency.

He voiced his support for the chiefs and people of Abutia, who raised red flags indicating their unwillingness to hand over the 32, 000 hectares of the Kalakpa Game Reserve for lithium mining.

The government is considering giving the forest to a private company to start prospecting for the resource.

Speaking to Citi News, the MP explained that there has been no consultation with the custodians of the land. He has since filed a question in Parliament seeking answers from the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources.

He said mining has added little to nothing to Ghana’s economy and that if he were to become president, he would ban it outrightly.

“I am against mining and if I become president, I will ban mining completely because it doesn’t add anything. It doesn’t add anything to our GDP because there are countries without natural resources and they are making it.

“We have everything in Ghana. We have cocoa, gold, we have bauxite, and even oil and what have we achieved with them? Despite that, we are holding a cup begging the IMF for money.

“If we can feed ourselves through our land and vegetation, I don’t think we need anybody to support us or need anybody to come and destroy our vegetation.”

By Fred Duhoe

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