Ghana needs a transformational leader not a political party – Alan Kyerematen

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John Alan Kyerematen, Leader of the Movement for Change, says Ghana needs a transformational leader and not a political party.

He said it was time for Ghanaians to change the baton from the NPP, and NDC affiliation and consider choosing leaders who had vision and practical ideas to transform the country into a better and safer place to live.

He said his decision to contest the 2024 general elections as an independent candidate was to mobilize people from different spheres of professional, educational, religious, ethnic, and other backgrounds, who were committed to sharing the vision of transforming the country for the betterment of the future generation.

Addressing the ‘first volunteer activation forum’ in Kumasi, he said he was creating a platform for power-sharing arrangement under a government of national unity through his leadership.

The ‘volunteer activation forum’ seeks to teach and train the youth on how to approach and attract new members to the movement and win their votes in the 2024 general elections.

Over four thousand youth volunteers in the Ashanti region attended the forum and showed their readiness to support Mr John Alan Kyeremanteng’s Movement for Change campaign.

The teaming youth clad in yellow T-shirts embossed with the monarch butterfly logo, pledged their unflinching support to the new movement and the transformational as well as the unifying leadership agenda of Mr Kyeremten.

Mr Kyeremten noted that his track records gave him the upper hand to become the next President of Ghana, citing various contributions he had made to the development of the country.

He recalled how he was able to transform Ghana’s economy as the Trade Minister in President Kuffour’s government and said Ghanaian youth should have faith in him as the President for the next generation.

Mr Kyerematen explained that decision-making in the country had become problematic since ordinary citizens were not part of it and that his government would ensure all-inclusive decision-making with ordinary citizens.

He said NPP and NDC had ruled the country for the last thirty years, yet the country had not seen any improvement in the lives of the people.

The former Minister for Trade called on Ghanaians to carefully reflect on the current situation of the country and consider a new political leadership aside from party affiliations and choose people who would be able to change the fortunes of the country.

He said the ‘volunteer activation forum’ will be replicated in all 16 regions to create a pool of young men and women who think about the future of the country and will work to create a new leadership for the next generation.

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