Galamsey Consequences: Four, including a 2-year-old Child, Died in Abandoned Pits in a month

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Tragedy strikes in the Juaboso District of the Western North Region as the relentless scourge of galamsey claims more lives.

Amidst the destruction of land, water bodies, and forest reserves, four individuals, aged between 2 and 19, have lost their lives within a month in abandoned galamsey pits.

The Juaboso District, nestled within the Western North Region, grapples with the dire consequences of illegal mining activities, commonly known as galamsey.

These activities have left a trail of destruction, decimating land, polluting water bodies, and ravaging precious forest reserves.

In the Sehwi Juaboso District alone, the toll of this environmental catastrophe has reached a tragic milestone.

Four lives, ranging from the innocence of a 2-year-old child to the budding potential of a 19-year-old youth, have been snuffed out by the treacherous depths of abandoned galamsey pits.

Just weeks ago, the district mourned the loss of two individuals in Juaboso, the district’s capital.

The latest heart-wrenching incident unfolded in Sehwi Abrokofe, a serene farming community turned into a graveyard of dreams.

Seth Nyame, known as Kwabena Bour, and Oliver Ntaadu, fondly called Junior, met their untimely demise after plunging into one such abandoned galamsey pit.

Their promising lives were cut short, leaving behind grieving families and shattered communities.

In the wake of these tragic events, traditional authorities were compelled to perform solemn rituals to retrieve the victims’ remains from the watery depths of the pits.

Amidst the sorrowful rituals, the underlying question remains, how many more lives must be sacrificed before decisive action is taken?

Beyond the environmental devastation wrought by galamsey, the loss of innocent lives underscores the urgent need for intervention.

These open pits, remnants of unchecked greed and exploitation, serve as deadly traps for unsuspecting individuals going about their daily lives.

As the Juaboso District mourns its fallen sons, the call for stringent measures to curb illegal mining grows louder.

It is a plea not only for the preservation of our natural heritage but also for the safeguarding of precious human lives against the perils of galamsey.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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