Frequent Breakdown of Dambai Ferry Causes Nightmares for Commuters

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The Krachi East Municipal is acting to address the persistent challenges facing the Dambai ferry operations.

The Krachi East Municipal Chief Executive, Charles Gyemfi Boateng, paid a working visit to the Dambai ferry site to get first-hand information on the recurring issues causing significant delays and disruptions for thousands of commuters.

Commuters across the Oti River at the Dambai ferry site are experiencing a nightmarish ordeal due to the frequent breakdowns of the ferry.

It often takes nearly a week for faulty parts to be repaired, delaying the resumption of ferry services.

These recurring breakdowns have severely impacted the local community, prompting drivers and passengers to call for immediate solutions, including the addition of another ferry and the construction of a bridge to ensure a more reliable means of crossing the river.

Since 2018, the government of Akufo Addo has paid lip service to the promise of constructing a bridge at Dambai to address this perennial problem.

On Friday, May 30, 2024, thousands of commuters were stranded again due to another ferry breakdown.

This is not an isolated incident; the ferry has experienced frequent breakdowns over the past months, causing severe disruptions.

The technical team took nearly four days to partially restore the ferry’s operation.

Krachi East Municipal Chief Executive, Charles Gyemfi Boateng, visited the site to assess the situation and discuss potential solutions with the ferry’s management.

The ferry station manager, Ernest Amoah, explained the recent disruption and the efforts made to get the ferry back in operation.

The ferry’s motor broke down again last week, causing a lot of delays and stranding many people. We managed to fix the issue, and the ferry is now back in operation. However, this incident highlights the urgent need for more reliable infrastructure’.

MCE Charles Gyemfi Boateng emphasized the importance of maintaining essential services like the ferry to support the local economy and ensure the well-being of residents.

We are committed to finding a lasting solution to these challenges. Whether it’s by adding another ferry or exploring the feasibility of building a bridge, we will do what it takes to ensure smooth and reliable transportation for our people’.

As the community awaits long-term solutions, the immediate resumption of ferry service brings some relief to the thousands who rely on it daily.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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