Forestry Commission Orders Akonta Mining Limited to Halt Operations

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The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has asked the Forestry Commission to immediately cease Akonta Mining Limited’s operations in the Nimri Tano forest reserve in the Western Region’s Amenfi West Municipality.

According to a ministry statement, while the mining business has a lease to conduct mining activities in some areas of Samreboi, it does not have any mineral rights to conduct mining operations in the Tano Nimiri forest reserve.

According to the Ministry’s records, Akonta Mining Ltd applied for a Mining Lease to conduct mining activities in the Forest Reserve on August 25, 2022.

Except under extraordinary circumstances, all reconnaissance, prospecting, and/or exploratory activities in the country’s Forest Reserves have been suspended by a Ministerial Directive. Despite the fact that this order does not apply to mining in Forest Reserves, Akonta Mining Limited’s application has yet to be decided. ”
It declared all of the company’s actions in the Forest Reserve to be illegal.

The Lands Minister also asked the Forestry Commission to guarantee that the corporation does not conduct any operations in the forest and to take appropriate measures against anyone found to be responsible.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources remains committed to fighting illicit mining with integrity and transparency, and assures the general public that it will continue to engage with appropriate agencies and all stakeholders to address this age-old galamsey menace.

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