Feud Intensifies as Big Ivy Replies Mummy Dolarz

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The beef between Ghana and their Nigerian counterparts persists. It has
moved from the Jollof war to the intense football rivalry, and now, the quest
is up to find the best female rapper between the two countries.


The intriguing part is that these ladies are typically mothers with their
sons working in their country’s entertainment industry. CJ Biggerman, the son
of Big Ivy, featured her mother in the song titled “Big Momma” which
made some waves. Upon realisation, Nigerian netizens found it necessary to
counter the Ghanaian creativity; hence, Mummy Dolarz, mother of Nigerian
comedian Oluwadolarz replying.


The beef continues with Big Ivy’s new counter song titled, ” Mama Naira.” Big Ivy claims she is a Forex Bureau who will change Mummy Dolarz to Naira.

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