ECG undertakes operation ‘fix the bill; pay the bill’ for post-paid customers

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The Electricity Company of Ghana is set to undertake a four-week drive to fix all post-paid meter billing challenges across the country.

The exercise, which has been dubbed operation ‘fix the bill, pay the bill’ comes in response to several concerns raised by customers over wrong billing in the past few months.

Speaking to JoyNews, External Communications Manager of ECG, Laila Abubakari said the exercise is aimed at “providing better services to our customers, for them not to steal power from us and to be happy enough to pay us what they owe us, especially for our postpaid customers who are holding on to a lot of our monies.”

“For some few months now, one of our new processes has caused some issues with regards to estimated bills. Because of that, staff are being transformed into metre readers to go around to the premises of our customers, whether it’s in their residences, whether it’s in their businesses,  to capture the readings on their metres, and I’m referring to postpaid customers. Now, when that reading is taken and verified, customers will then be billed on this particular reading,” she added.

According to her, fixing the problems will help the “ECG collect as much money with the little resource that we have at the moment. And so we are just asking our customers to be very cooperative with us with this new project that we are embarking on, to read all their metres and then provide them with bills that are accurate.”

This is the third of such operations being undertaken by the power distributor this year.

Between March and June, the ECG went on a revenue mobilisation exercise to recover some GH₵3.1 billion out of a GHC 5.7 billion debt owned by both private and state institutions.

The company later on another revenue recovery drive aimed at domestic customers.

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