Develop Tolon as ‘home annex’ for tourists who visit Tamale – Chief Akilu advocates

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Chief Akilu Sayibu
Chief Akilu Sayibu

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Editor-in-chief of The Voiceless Media, Chief Akilu Sayibu has expressed the need for the accelerated development of the Tolon district due to its proximity to the Northern Regional capital, Tamale.

According to the former Deputy CEO of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), ensuring the infrastructural development of Tolon which is a veranda district to Tamale would help ease the pressure on the regional capital.

Speaking to a section of the Media in Accra Chief Akilu Sayibu who is also an aspiring NPP parliamentary candidate for the area, called on the government to develop more roads, improve on other basic amenities such as the health, water, electricity and sanitation facilities in the Tolon Constituency.

“Tolon has so much to offer to the Northern Region, but there seems to be a missing link. The problem of our area is mainly about lack of commitment from leadership to meet the development aspirations of our people”, he said.

Adding, “our people deserve better, Tolon needs to be developed, and that’s why I see the time to be ripped for a visionary, well-connected, selfless and development-oriented person like me to take the mantle of political leadership to drum home the needed development”.

Chief Akilu passionately called on local and international investors to also turn attention to the Tolon district in order to create an alternative place of comfort for all visitors and tourists who visit the region.

Tolon is approximately 20 kilometers away from Tamale, and to travel this distance by bicycle is 1 hour 45 minutes. Traveling by car is less than 27 minutes, and by plane at a cruising speed of 750 km / h will be 1 minute. Some residents during market days walk their ways to the major markets in Tamale to buy or sell their farm produce.

The Tolon District plays a host to the Nyankpala campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS), one of the premier state owned universities in Ghana.

It has a very large suitable land and rivers for agricultural, recreational, sports and infrastructural development. The area has a youthful population that is willing and ready to provide the required labour for any legitimate investor.

Against this backdrop, Chief Akilu Sayibu, a media owner and practitioner said that he will foster a good working relationship between the media and the Tolon Constituency, when voted as the Member of Parliament.

“I will take the full advantage of the pivotal roles the media plays to promote development, ensure peace and unity, and to also market the development, tourism and investment potentials in the Tolon constituency”.

He assured that his administration would team up with the relevant stakeholders, the technocrats, the traditional and religious leaders to come up with deliberate strategies outside the usual political space to fast track the development of the Tolon constituency.

Chief Akilu Sayibu also assured that he would leave no stone unturned in articulating the views, opinions, requests and the development aspirations of the good people of Tolon constituency in parliament and on every platforms.

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