Court orders poster of ¢1m judgment against Asamoah Gyan to be put at his residence, GFA

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A judgment entered against former Black Stars Captain Asamoah Gyan for malicious prosecution is set to be posted at his residence, the office of the Ghana Football Association, and the Law Court complex, reports.

The High Court (Financial and Economic Division) in Accra, presided over by Justice Ernest Owusu-Dapaa, imposed damages of over ¢1 million on Gyan on December 8, 2023, following a successful lawsuit by journalist Osafo Anthony.

Anthony had been subjected to malicious prosecution initiated by Gyan, who accused him of extortion.

Gyan, along with his manager Anim Addo, faced a civil action for malicious prosecution, with Anthony demanding ¢1 million in damages.

Despite Gyan and Anim Addo expressing their intention to appeal the court’s decision, there have been difficulties in serving them with the judgment.

As a result, the plaintiff’s legal team sought substituted service, which was granted by Justice Owusu-Dapaa, the report said.

On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, the court approved the posting of copies of the judgment at the notice board of the High Court Complex, Asamoah Gyan’s residence in Basilica, near Old Broadcasting, New Weija, Accra; and the notice board of the Ghana Football Association.

Justice Owusu-Dapaa stated that the posting would remain for 14 days, after which it would be deemed as effectively served.

The judgment against Asamoah Gyan stems from a case where Anthony Sarfo was maliciously prosecuted following his arrest for alleged extortion.

The court found that Gyan’s manager, Samuel Anim Addo, initiated the malicious prosecution based on falsehoods to protect Gyan’s image during negotiations for a transfer to a Chinese club.

The court awarded damages of GH¢900,000 to Anthony Sarfo and an additional ¢111,000 for the 111 months he lost from his job.

Furthermore, a cost of GH¢60,000 was imposed against Asamoah Gyan and his manager, bringing the total to ¢1,071,000.


In 2019, the Accra Circuit Court acquitted and discharged four persons accused of allegedly extorting money from Black Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan to stop the publication of rape and sodomy he was allegedly involved in.

The four persons namely; Osarfo Anthony (Arts/Entertainment Writer), Chris Handler (Blogger), Sarah Kwablah (Law Student), and Ekow Micah (Musician) were prosecuted on charges of extortion and conspiracy to commit crime.

In June 2016, an alleged sodomy story broke out in Ghana’s electronic and print media and was attributed to Asamoah Gyan.

They said in the said publication that Sarah alleged that Gyan had sexual intercourse and anal sex with her and she became pregnant.

According to the prosecutor, Sarah discussed the issue with Micah and met Anthony and Handler to discuss the issue and to publish the story on their website in order to scare Gyan who will in turn give them money.

Anthony and Handler published the first story on their website and promised to release the sex tape in their subsequent editions.

Prosecution said a witness in the case read the story on their website known as and alerted the complainant.

The complainant contacted Anthony on phone and they threatened to release the sex tape unless a colossal amount was paid or a house was bought for Sarah.

The prosecution said in the complainant’s bid to protect the image of Gyan asked Anthony and Handler to hold on with the publication.

Prosecution said Anthony and Handler threatened to defame the Skipper and they called for an urgent payment of the money.

The Complainant, the prosecution said, feigned interest to pay. When Handler was contacted they charged ¢30,000.00.

The complainant bargained and they settled on ¢25,000.00.

The complainant, Anthony and Handler agreed to meet at the London Restaurant.

The Complainant reported the matter to the Police and on July 29, 2019, Anthony met at the London Restaurant and 1,000 dollars, ¢6,000.00 and a cheque of ¢15,000.00 was given to him.

Anthony was however nabbed when he received the money. The rest of the accused persons were arrested later.

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