Commonwealth Boxing Champions and Contenders

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The Commonwealth Boxing Council, or CBC, has released the list of champions and their official contenders as of December 2022.

A Champion is required to defend within the time period set against any of the listed contenders in his
weight division, except in the case where a particular mandatory challenger has been specified, either of these defenses will be considered a mandatory defense. Should a champion wish to defend against a challenger not listed, then an application must be made to the Secretary of the CBC by him, his manager, or a promoter on their behalf. Permission will be given if the challenger agrees with the CBC, and this defense will be seen as a voluntary defense.

The winner will be obliged to make a mandatory defense within the time period specified if this has not already taken place.

Promoters must send copies of contracts to the Secretary together with the appropriate Sanction Fee otherwise the contest may not receive formal sanction. Commissions, federations and other boxing regulatory/sanctioning authorities receiving this notice are requested to advise all interested parties within their jurisdictions and the local press

Full list below

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