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On this day in 1930, the famous African writer, Chinua Achebe, was born in the Igbo village of Ogidi, Nigeria. He first attended the Church Missionary Society’s school where the language of instruction was Igbo.

Achebe was only introduced to the English language at the age of eight. Despite his relatively late introduction to the language, he rose to later become a professor of English. In fact, many people believe that his background in Igbo and late introduction to English made him develop a very strong Igbo cultural pride.

Guess what! In 1958, Achebe’s first novel, Things Fall Apart, which centred on the Igbo community and culture, became a worldwide success. Later on, Achebe published two other novels, which alongside Things Fall Apart, became what was known as the African Trilogy. Achebe rose into fame. He taught in both Nigerian and American universities as a professor of English and literature until his demise at the age of 82.

Here is where the message lies: instead of despising his Igbo background and lamenting his late education in English, he capitalised on it. This is what I mean by uniquely blessed. His unique background was his competitive advantage.

As you read this, you may find yourself in certain unique situations and circumstances. Your unique story, setbacks and upbringing could be your unique blessing. May God open our eyes and lead us on the path of our unique blessings!

“…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” (Philippians 4:11)

Remain inspired!

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