Tension in Bawku as Five including a National Security Operative Gunned Wednesday Night

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Fataw Nambe, the deceased national security operative

Tensions is high in Bawku following the sporadic shooting Wednesday night that has left fice people dead.

Reports say operation of “Mahama can do” otherwise known as ‘Yellow yellow’ on some routes have been restricted within the Bawku municipality

The five persons reportedly shot dead included a national security operative in Bawku Wednesday night.

This follow wide spread sporadic shooting all night in the municipality.

The national security operative whose name was given as Fataw Nambe, a native of Bawku was reportedly caught in the cross fire.

Fataw Nambe, the deceased national security operative

The Wednesday February 8 incident brought to nine, the number people killed since the upper east regional minister’s visit to Bawku on Monday February 6.

One was killed around 5 pm few hours after the regional minister’s departure.

Fataw Nambe, the deceased national security operative

Three were killed on Tuesday February 7, about 25 metres away from the Bawku police station.

Then the last night incident that claimed five more lives including the national security operative, Fataw Nambe making a total of nine.

The Bawku municipal chief executive, Amadu hamza, has confirmed the Wednesday night deadly shooting in the municipality but said an emergency meeting is being held to discuss the fallouts.

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