Bawku Grieves after a Nursing Mother was Brutally Shot Dead at her Home at Night (Video)

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Woman grieves

Women resident in the Sabon-Gari, a suburb of Bawku in the upper east region are demanding justice for a middle-aged woman shot dead by unidentified assailants on Tuesday December 20.

The grieving women are also demanding an end to the endless killing of innocent people in the Bawku municipality as a result of protracted chieftaincy dispute.

Household of women grieving

Mariama Dauda, 47, was shot at home while going about her normal household shores.

According to the husband of the deceased, Aginga Dauda, the deceased was on her way to serve his dinner when she was shot dead.

‘It was curfew hours and we were together in my room watching TV. At a point I asked my wife to bring my food. Moments after she had left the room, we heard a gun shot. Someone shot her while she was returning with the food. We came out only to see my wife lying helpless. Immediately saw men in military uniform who came to take the body but declined to our queries about who shot my wife’.Aginga lamented.

Aginga Dauda, called on the authorities to institute an independent investigations into the murder of his wife and bring the perpetrators to book.

The deceased’s daughter, Sumaiya Aginga, is devastated.

She wondered why people could go that far to open fire on an innocent woman in her home without any provocation or attack on anyone.

The sobbing Sumaiya grieved over the welfare of her youngest brother, who she said is less than two years old.

Sumaiya Aginga, pleaded with the security agencies and the minister for the interior ensure justice for her late mother.

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The murder of Mariama, brought to 16, the number of people killed in Bawku in the spate of four days.

Thousands of people have fled the town, and many are still hesitant to return because of the deadly communal conflict as a result of chieftaincy straggles.

The Sabon-Gari, women group while calling for justice for Mariama Dauda, demanded that the needless killings in Bawku must stop.

The appealed on the feuding faction to seek peace through dialogue.

The women again called to the government to device other strategies and approaches towards finding a lasting peace in Bawku.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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