Bad Officiating and Ghana Boxing

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The legitimacy of the Ghana professional boxing league is being attacked by poor officiating.

Every week, biased officiating by officials results in intense rage from spectators.

A lightweight match was prematurely terminated by the referee in week eleven, much to the outrage of the eventual losers, Sea View Gym.

Regardless of their circumstances, fair officiating, according to experts, fosters boxers’ development to become world champions.

Ironically, it is frequently discovered that Ghanaian boxing referees and judges are rendering dubious decisions.

Many commentators attribute the predicament to the unfortunate mediocre performance of Ghanaian boxers on the global and international stages.

The ongoing Ghana professional boxing league is not an exception to the local ring officials’ avoidable officiating errors.

The most recent event taking place on Saturday, august 20.

A lightweight fight between Charles Tetteh and David Lamptey was stopped by Richard Amevi too early in the first round, angering David Lamptey’s team.

It took the help of GBA security to save referee Amevi from being attacked by David’s enraged corner.

David was definitely going to lose the fight, but it was obvious that referee Richard Amevi stepped in too soon.

And for the first time, there was a heated discussion about referee Amevi’s decision on the ring officials’ bench.

Earlier, an amateur title bout between a British-born Ghanaian, Abdul Mateen Gariba, and the son of the GBA president, Cann Neequaye, which the later clearly won with a wide margin was ruled a draw, much to the chagrin of the audience.

And a journalist, Yusif, summarized it in this caption.

The widespread worry is that if these willful mistakes are not stopped, the boxing league’s objective of producing world-class fighters for the future may not be realized.

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