Animal Welfare League Advocates for Laws on Cage Free Farming

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Parliament has been tasked to pass laws banning farming practices that subject animals to inhumane treatments.

According to Animal Welfare League, practices such as battery caging instead of free range prevent poultry birds from undergoing their natural activities freely, and this affect their growth, welfare, and nutritional value.

The caged system of poultry rearing is widespread in Ghana.

With this, a greater number of birds are kept even within a small area and protected from predators.

Though an aged-long practice, the caged rearing of poultry has been identified to prevent birds from free movement and growth.

At an engagement with poultry farmers in Kumasi, the farmers were exposed to the dangers associated in restricting movement of the birds.

The Ashanti regional chairman of the Poultry Farmers Association, Boris Baidoo, admitted that free-range poultry is healthier than the caged ones.

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