Amb. Oloye Oyeyemisola Fatuyi enstooled new Baale of Yoruba community

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By Paul Mamattah

Amb. Oloye Oyeyemisola Fatuyi, has been installed as the Baale (Lord of an Area) of Mataheko-Afienya Tema in the Greater Accra region of Ghana with a stool name, Baale Oloye Oyeyemisola Fatuyi, to steer the affairs of the community.

Under the Council of Yoruba Chiefs in Ghana, the new Baale of Mataheko-Afienya Tema, was installed at a colourful ceremony attended by dignitaries from across the length and breath of the country.

Showcasing colour, pomp and style, the coronation witnessed professed Yoruba tradition, culture and bounty dresses.

What added the ceremonial touch to the event, was the presence of the cream of Yoruba community in Ghana, including Oba Alhaji Hamza Peregrino Braimah VIII, Asawaju of Ghana, Alhaji Musa Baba Alhaji,Taofeek Sully (Ultimate), Baale Alhaji Kabir Adeboyejo, among other dignitaries.

In a keynote address, the President of the Council of Elders of the Yorubas in Ghana and a former President of the Musicians Union of Ghana, Alhaji Sidiku Buari, congratulated the new Baale Mataheko-AfienyaTema on his successful installation and entreated him to champion the cause of Yoruba people and to ensure that the Yoruba society rolled out skills training projects for the youth to be self-sufficient.

He also urged him to work hard and hand-in-hand with the appropriate bodies to ensure orderliness and tackle pending challenges facing the Yoruba communities, in order to restore peace in the area and beyond.

Alhaji Sidiku Buari, pledged the Council’s support to the newly installed Baale of Mataheko-Afienya Tema, to ensure a successful reign.

In his response, the Baale of Mataheko-Afienya and Tema, Amb. Oloye Oyeyemisola Fatuyi, expressed gratitude towards the Yoruba Community in Ghana, particularly the Chiefs, elders, and Council, for their immense support and emphasized his commitment to prioritizing the well-being of the Mataheko-Afienya and Tema communities.

Additionally, Amb. Oloye Oyeyemisola Fatuyi, pledged to unite the Yoruba community and work towards achieving peace and development in Mataheko-Afienya, Tema and its surrounding areas.

 He also assured that he would introduce innovative ideas, culture, tradition, and foster respect for African heritage and the Yoruba people.

Furthermore, he announced his plans to launch social welfare programmes dedicated to supporting Yoruba individuals residing in Afienya, Mataheko, Ashaiman, and Tema communities.

Ultimately, Amb. Oloye Oyeyemisola Fatuyi, sought divine guidance and wisdom as he undertook his responsibilities as the Baale of Afienya-Mataheko Tema.

Ambassador Samuel Bamidele Temitope Ojo, an advocate for peace in the ECOWAS sub-region, expressed his support to the newly appointed Baale of Mataheko-AfienyaTema by emphasizing the importance of seeking God’s guidance and prioritizing Him in all endeavors.

In addition, he advised the new chief to remain steadfast and resilient, acknowledging that there will be individuals within his community who will speak positively of him, while others may not. Regardless, the Ambassador, urged him to maintain focus and work diligently towards unifying everyone for the betterment and progress of the Mataheko-AfienyaTema communities.

Ambassador Samuel Bamidele Temitope Ojo, advised him to be fair and firm to ensure that peace, unity and tranquility prevailed in Mataheko,  Afienya and Tema communities and the challenges confronting the community needed pragmatic solutions to pave way for development.

Speaking in an interview with the President of All Nigerians in Ghana, Chief Dr Albert Bayor, emphasized the responsibility as a Baale to ensure that every member of the Yoruba community in Mataheko-Afienya and Tema is included and represented.

He stressed the importance of being cautious regarding the welfare of the people, as this contributes to upholding the positive reputation of the Yoruba population, particularly in Ghana.

Chief Dr Bayor, further mentioned that among the numerous ethnic groups in Nigeria, the Yoruba people are highly regarded in Ghana due to their admirable conduct and behavior.

He urged the new Baale to consistently maintain and uphold this positive image, emphasizing the significance of promoting the Yoruba heritage and preserving its dignity within the Ghanaian context.

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