19% Transport Fare Increment Take Effect Today

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Ghanaians will have to pay more for transportation services as of today, October 29, 2022. This is because the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) raised prices by 19%.

The GPRTU said earlier in the week that the prices would go up.
The move was made because, according to the union, the prices of petroleum products at different gas stations keep going up and up.

At major gas stations, diesel and gasoline are selling for more than GH18 and GH15, respectively. Transport operators say that this is cutting into their profits.

On Monday, October 24, VIP JEOUN raised its prices by 20%.

The fare from Accra to Kumasi, which used to be GH¢85, has gone up to GH¢100, and the fare from Accra to Sunyani has gone up to GH¢130.

People taking VIP buses from Accra to Tamale now have to pay GH¢240.

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