Video: Naa Yomo Ayemoadee, Returns after 18 Days of State-Protected Custody

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Naa Yomo Ayemoadee, the 15-year-old girl married to the Gborbu deity, has finally returned home to a jubilant reception from her community and the traditional priests.

After nearly 18 days in protected custody under the Gender Ministry, her release comes just in time for a significant rite scheduled for Sunday, marking a momentous and timely occasion.

The air was electrified with celebration and ceremony as Naa Yomo Ayemoade was paraded through the bustling streets of Nungua, making her way to the revered Gborbu Temple.

Accompanied by women, children, traditional priests and priestesses, she was greeted with chants and cheers along the procession route.

As the procession reached its peak, Naa Yomo Ayemoadee arrived at her childhood home before proceeding to the sacred Gborbu Temple for a private ritual ceremony lasting about 30 minutes.

Outside the temple, the community anxiously awaited her return, marking the culmination of the joyous occasion.

Tetse Nii Boitey Kofi Frakwa II, Nungua Makralo Sorletanor, and Oyibi Goeletanor expressed their delight at the timely release of their queen, emphasizing the importance of upholding tradition and customs.

”I think what is happening now is we are not appreciating our traditional system. And we would like to encourage everybody to study our traditional belief system, to understand it very well. It goes beyond what we see by the naked eyes, or what we hear by the ears. It is deep. There are deep meanings to it. And we thank everybody. We thank everybody who spoke for us. We thank everybody who spoke against it. But at the end of the day, we have been vindicated”.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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