Unsatisfied Ace Ankomah demands breakdown of AGAMS’ repayment

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A leading member of pressure group Occupy Ghana, Ace Ankomah is requesting a breakdown of repayment made by the AGAMS Group to government.

He indicated that other members of Occupy Ghana and himself are not satisfied by the mere pronouncement of the Attorney General, Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong that AGAMS Group has paid all outstanding debt owed the government of Ghana with interest.

The payment is in respect of interest-free loans various companies under AGAMS Group took from then Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) now Youth Employment Agency (YEA).

Three subsidiaries of the AGAMS Companies, CraftPro Limited, Rlg Communications Limited and Asongtaba Cottate Industry and Exchange Programme in 2013 ordered to refund a total of GH¢ GH¢55.5 million to the state.

It has now emerged that the Group has finally settled its debt.

But in an exclusive interview on 3FM’s morning show Sunrise, legal practitioner Ace Ankomah indicated that he would want to probe further into the repayment.

He suspects the current interest rate was not considered.

“We should be restored to the position that we were at; not just the amount of money but if Ghana has used or invested that money, how much will Ghana have made on it,” he pointed out.

He wondered why the state would be happy about monies taken from its coffers for a failed project only to be refunded after four years.

“Somebody takes 40 million of your money since 2012 and refunds in 2016 and gives you 10% of that which is 25% or so per annum and we should be happy,” he questioned.

Source: Collins Essuman | 3FM | 3news.com

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