Tipper truck saga: Journalists must demand their pound of flesh- GJA bares teeth

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The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) is challenging media practitioners to demand their pound of flesh when it comes to their work.

According to the GJA, what transpired at the Ghana’s Independence Day Parade where some photo journalists were conveyed in the bucket of a tipper truck to enable them cover the event “was obviously a bad treatment. It was an eyesore”.

The General Secretary of the GJA, David Agbenu was reacting on Onua FM’s Yen Sempa hosted by Kwame Karikari on Tuesday.

“We now have to deal with the issue collectively as a group,” he stated.

He said, “our members should have protested during the press briefing. It shouldn’t have happened. They shouldn’t have gone on the truck”.

Mr. Agbenu further stated, “if we continue to allow ourselves to be treated this way, how are we going to fight. Why can’t we say no to these things?”

The GJA Secretary charged, “it is inhumane to see a woman climbing on the ladder to take pictures”, adding, “we need the stories but we must stand up for our own right”.

He explained that journalists “are not fighting enough for ourselves and it is time for us to demand respect because if we don’t do that, we will allow ourselves to be treated so shabbily”.

Meanwhile, the GJA is expected to meet today to discuss the issue and will take a position in a statement later.

Story by Kweku Antwi-Otoo |Onua FM |3news.com

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