Richard KASU of CFF-Ghana writes…

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Ref: EC must ensure Ghanaians are given the opportunity to register and vote in the 2024 general elections without any hitches.

I am totally against any action that will exclude any Ghanaian from voting come 7th December, 2024.

As an ardent advocate for participatory democracy, I have been consistent with my opposition to some proposed electoral reforms including the use of Ghana card as the sole source document for future voter registration exercises by the EC.

I don’t reason with the EC on the said proposal because it will only exclude millions of Ghanaians who do not have Ghana card from registering to participate in the upcoming national elections.

It is important qualified Ghanaians are accorded their full political rights to freely participate in the electoral processes as guaranteed by the 1992 Constitution.

That all political stakeholders in Ghana work collectively to ensure a free and fair elections in 2024.

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