Pre-term Babies Share one Incubator @ Zebilla Government Hospital

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Nurses and midwives in the Newborn care unit of the Zebilla government hospital in the upper east region are calling for an extension of the Nicu unit in the hospital to absorb more prematurity babies referred to them from the six administrative districts of the kusaug traditional area due to the conflict in Bawku.

According to the Newborn care unit in charge of the Zebilla hospital, Nambileeb Christopher Nkrumah, the newborn care unit is not spacious and has only two incubators serving six Districts in the kusaug area due to the conflict.

He said because of the conflict in Bawku, the surrounding districts; Tempane, Pusiga, Garu, Zebilla and Binduri are all relying on the Zebilla government hospital for Nicu services.

The Head of the newborn care unit, bolgatanga, Dr Gillian Bogee joined calls for expanding the unit to curb unnecessary deaths of premature children in the area.

The theme for the prematurity month Celebration is that A parent embraces a powerful; therapy. Enabling skin-to-skin contact from the movement of birth.

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